September 14, 2011

What Parents Do When Their Kids Are At School

When you were little, did you ever wonder what your mom or dad did when they went off to work?

When I was a young boy, I knew that my dad left the house and came home at the same time every day, his tie a little looser than when he began the day.  I was aware he went to an office but I had no idea what he did there.  Turns out he was an accountant for a firm that drilled holes in the circuit boards you found in the back of your transistor radio. Somebody had to do that, I suppose.

My own kids were lucky (or perhaps unlucky) enough to have had a dad who taught at their own school for many years, so I think that had a pretty good idea of what I did for a living.  It certainly proved useful for them when they forgot their snack or money for a field trip. 

When my younger daughter Leah was in preschool, she did once exclaim that her daddy was a teacher and her mommy (who stayed home at that time) “played shopping”, so you never quite know how our kids view us.

The favorite part of each day for me at Friends’ School is my visits to the classrooms.  I love seeing the children busy at their work and I enjoy connecting with them every day.

I sat in circle with Christie, Sherry and Victoria’s morning preschool class this week and asked the children what their parents did while they were in preschool.  Turns out many Friends’ School parents go to work.  Some go home. Many make phone calls and play on the computer.  One mom drives a jeep and it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that it has keys.  One parent works upstairs from the preschool and one downstairs (though we’re not quite sure where that is). 

On one classroom stop this week, I had the privilege of reading a fantasy picture book to one of our younger elementary classes.  The kids and I got talking about make-believe and whether adults have imaginary friends or get to play make-believe games.  One little girl raised her hand and bluntly told me, “Oh, I know my mom does.  When I’m at school, she plays make-believe with my Barbie dolls!”

Thank goodness – I didn’t want to think our Friends’ School parents played on the computer all day.

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Unknown said...

My dad was an engineer. I always wondered why he wore a suit to work every day. Where was the conductor's hat?