October 27, 2011

Developing Leaders for Tomorrow Today

Our P.E. teacher and Director of Student Activities Kathy Sherwood is excited for this year’s elementary school Student Council.  Kathy has been the inspiration behind Student Council for years.  In the past it has always been hard to decide which two students from each grade should be on the Council – and which ones have to wait until next year.  This year we made a change so that everyone who wants to participate and make a difference may. 

With the extra numbers – there are 29 kids on Student Council at present – Kathy has split the group into three committees: Recess, Celebrations, and Problem-Solving.  5th grade teacher Liz Richards, Kathy, and I each oversee one committee. Student Council meets once a month on Fridays.

Here at Friends’ it is important that all of our students get a chance to practice leadership. According to Kathy, Student Council gives kids a voice.  Students K-5 give input on events like Field Day and Movin’n’Boppin, they bring issues from the playground and other venues to the teachers’ attention, they create fresh ideas for our school, and they get to know and spend time with students from other grades.

With this experience, a high percentage of our students go on to leadership and representative positions in middle and high school.

To join Student Council, Friends’ students are invited to write a letter making the argument of why they should be selected. Like every year, we had wonderful, passionate letters from children wanting to help out the school.  Here are a few excerpts:

Please pick me for student council because I feel like a strong leader and a good influence. (4th grade)

I want to have a very happy school. (1st grade)

I like working in groups and figuring out solutions to problems.  I think that I am an easy person to get along with and that other kids wouldn’t be scared to come up to me to suggest ideas that they think should be discussed by the Council. (5th grade)

I would love to be in student council.  I was in it last year and we did great!  Remember Field Day? (2nd grade)

I think I would be good at deciding field games and things like that. (1st grade)

I will always make good choices no matter what. (5th grade)

I am fair and I can help people who are new and teach them what is going on. (1st grade)

I have been at Friends’ School for six years now and I think I understand the meaning of head, hand, and heart.  (5th grade)

I cooperate with a lot of people, I don’t have too much trouble listening, and I would be super happy. (4th)

I feel even more responsible than last year. (3rd  grade)

I could make new friends. (1st grade)

I would help Steve in his first year as head of school. (5th grade)

And I am very grateful. 

I enjoy working with the next generation of leaders. Imagine the possibilities for our community and our world when this spirit of stewardship and cooperation is carried beyond our school.

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Steph said...

Steve, go find that 5th Grader - you can use all of the help you can get in your first year :)