November 30, 2011

Free Money!

Pre-K and first grade students join together this week to watch a
shadow puppet show, written and performed by fourth graders

Welcome back to that wonderfully busy time in the life of a school that we call December.  I hope you all had a refreshing Thanksgiving break.  I enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal around my table with good friends and a couple of people I did not know, one of whom had traveled from Poland and who spoke no English.  It’s amazing how we can all communicate the spirit of the season even with those with whom we cannot converse.

One of the themes of conversation that arose at my table was a common love for this particular holiday because it has not been subjected to the vast consumerism and commercialism of other holidays.  How great it is to be able to sit down and simply enjoy good food, good wine, and good company without all the trappings and trimmings of endless decorations and gifts.

I don’t know about you, but I’m reaching that annual stress-point in my calendar when all the holiday gifts I need to buy start interrupting my sleep.  In my house, we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and both my daughters’ birthdays at this time of year.  I want to get gifts for some friends, my neighbors, my co-workers, and my family in England whose gifts I should have put on a trans-Atlantic freight ship about two months ago.  It can be a little overwhelming. I try to be thoughtful.  I promise never to buy anyone an ugly sweater, but sometimes writing a check would be so much easier.

If your e-mail inbox looks anything like mine, you’re getting several solicitations a day from non-profit organizations to whom you’ve given in the past, asking you to take advantage of Colorado Gives Day next Tuesday.  You’ve likely heard from Friends' School as this is the first year that we, as a school, have participated in this sensational opportunity.  Any donations given to our school on Tuesday will be automatically increased through the generosity of the First Bank Incentive Fund. 100% of your donation, plus the incentive, goes directly to Friends’ School (you don’t even have to pass “GO”) when you donate online through Giving First, with no fees charged.  

Fourth grade shadow puppets, created under
the direction of art teacher Rachel Relin
Free money!

We are in the midst of our Annual Fund campaign, which we rely on each year to help provide this wonderful education to our students.  We have a lofty goal that we have not yet reached.  We respectfully ask that, if you appreciate what this school does for our children, you choose to make Friends' School one of your top philanthropic priorities at this time of year.  And what better time to do it than with the added incentive of free money?

So as you look over the list of gifts you need to buy this holiday season, and after you check it twice, please consider an online gift to Friends’.  It’s got to be better than an ugly sweater!


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the school increase tuition in order to cover the actual costs of running the organization rather than relying on a constant campaign of asking parents to contribute more $$$? Asking parents and kids to continually contribute masks the true cost of attending friends. How can a parent make an apples to apples cost comparison to other schools? Why hide the real cost?

Chad Peters said...

This is in response to the prior post.
Friends' School keeps tuition low and offers financial aid in order to make the school accessible to a more economically diverse group of students. The additional contributions from parents, faculty and friends of the school helps to cover the total cost of providing each child's education and is entirely voluntary. Friends' doesn't try to hide the fact that tuition does not cover the total cost of educating a child. The school attempts to be very public about it in our communications. All private, independent schools in CO fund raise in a similar manner in order to keep tuition as low as possible. In fact, even most public schools are now asking for additional contributions from parents and faculty in order to provide each student with even a basic educational program. We ask those who can afford to contribute a little more each year to do so - and it's tax deductible.

We hope this helps clarify the issue. Please address additional comments or questions to Steve DeBeer, Head of School.


Fred Marienthal,
Chairman of the Friends' Community Board

Chad Peters,
Parent, Board Trustee and
Chair of The Development Committee.

fhm3 said...

Friends' School prides itself on being a transparent, open and engaged community. I would like to strongly encourage that in the future if you are going to post comments that you include your name and not post anonymously. We cultivate and cherish rich dialogue and believe that people should own their ideas and views. These are values that our children are learning every day at Friends' School.

Very truly yours,

Fred Marienthal