March 22, 2012

Separated At Birth?

Once in a while, as I take stock of this Among Friends’ website, I entertain thoughts that, because it exists online, I must know a thing or two about technology.  A delightful note that I received from a parent the other day quickly brought me down to earth.

One of our moms, who has two elementary age children, wrote to me about the discussion her kids were having in the back of the car about our school’s computer lab.

Her daughter mentioned that our librarian, deana, had set up the computers.  Her son countered, “Steve did it.”

The little girl was in the midst of retorting, "I don't think Steve set up the computers," when the mom interjected to clarify that her son was talking about Technology Steve, not Head of School Steve.

(Our Director of Technology here at Friends’ is Stephen Butler – who actually goes by Stephen, not Steve.  That’s how we tell ourselves apart.  Only my mother calls me Stephen, and that’s only when I’m in trouble!)

The boy then said, "Well, Steve could do it, too.”

His sister quickly added, "And the Steve who's already dead."  The mom was puzzled for a moment until her daughter added that this Steve she was talking about started Apple.  

The mom’s note ended with “Just thought you'd be comforted to know the kids class you with Stephen Butler and Steve Jobs in your potential ability to set up their computer lab.”

Lofty company indeed.  But I think I’ll leave it to the professionals.

We’re getting ready to break for spring.  There will be no Among Friends’ entry next week.  Check out our school’s Facebook page for a great sign of springtime arriving at Friends’ School.  I wish you a wonderful restful spring break and time with your family where nobody gets you confused with anyone else.

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Elizabeth Henna said...

My early-rising child saw the photos in the Happenings, so I read her this post and also showed her the photo from the snow day post on your blog. She described both entries to her brother and the little girl we take to school. In the car this morning, the two posts somehow got merged into the other little girl imagining "Steve's mother dressed up like Mrs. Claus, coming to school and yelling, 'Stephen, you're in so much trouble!'"

So how does your mom feel about snow days?