April 19, 2012

Celebrating Our Moms and Dads (and Grandparents too!)

Flower pots and quotes made by our preschoolers
for their parents.
Friends’ School’s calendar is filled with traditions.  Our founding families believed in the importance of ritual and celebration.  From our Harvest Celebration, to Movin’ and Boppin’, from our Gifts to the World, to our culminating Silver and Gold graduations, our year is filled with ways to celebrate our children, our families, and our community.

A couple of weeks from now, our elementary school students will deliver hand-made May Day baskets to our neighbors.  Earlier this week, as part of Friends’ Earth Day Celebration, all of our elementary students and teachers spent an hour cleaning up the Wellman Ditch, which runs behind the school and along the bike trail. We are grateful for our place in the Eisenhower residential neighborhood and we are lucky to have great relationships with our neighbors.

This week, I was lucky enough to attend all four preschool classes’ Parent Day Celebrations. All week my office above the preschool was filled with the delicious aroma of bread baking in anticipation.  Prior to the events, our preschool teachers asked each child what they love about their parents.  They typed up the quotes onto cards, which then became part of a gift from the children to their parents, along with a beautiful flower pot.

I was touched by many of the children’s words.  I share a select few with you here:

I love my Mom and Dad because they tuck me in at nighttime.

I love my Daddy because sometimes he lets me do the coffee with him.

I love my Mom and Dad because they take me to the park.

I love my dada because he puts me to bed and he builds things with me.

I love my Mom and Dad because they teach me.
They teach me don’t go up the stairs loud.

I love my Mom and Dad because they fill my bucket.  They give me a lot of hugs.

I love my dad because he tells me about history, no not history, but like when my brother brings books home, he knows lots of things about lots of people.

I love my Mom and Dad because I think they’re cool.

I love my Mom and Dad because they give me food a lot when I say please.

I love my mom because I sleep in her bed and I snuggle with her.

I love my dad because he puts me in bed and tickles my feet and neck.

I love my mom because she lets me have chocolate.

I love my dad because he says, “I’m going to tickle you to death.”

I love my mom because she gives me hugs and kisses.

I love my dad because he comes back at night after work (I hope he has a fun time at work), 
he takes me to the lunch spot that I want, we make pancakes.

I love my mom because I like playing with her all day.

I love my Mom and Dad because they love me and take care of me,
they hold me, and they help me get ready for bed.

I love my mom because she takes me places and I get treats like
a sample of meat or like a balloon that got twisted.

And a special category for grandparents who play such an important role in many of our students’ lives:

I love my nana because she takes me to the airport, takes me on special rides in the car, 
gets me dressed for school and takes me to Whole Foods.

I love my Grandma because she drives me in the car, tells my mom she loves her, 
and gives my mom kisses.
Preschool teacher Jessie Vanden Hogen leads her
class and their parents in a musical celebration

As an aside, my own mother will be visiting Friends’ School in mid-May.  Living in southern England, she rarely makes it over the pond to visit with me and her granddaughters.  She was last in Colorado in 2009.  Here’s my own quote:

I love my mum because she understands me, even though we’re different, 
and she’s traveling 7,000 miles to see me.

Here’s to celebrating all our parents and all of us as parents.  What would your own quote be? See you at the auction!

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