April 12, 2012

You Too Can Be Like Ed

This is my friend, Ed Walent. Ed is a terrific guy and the co-director of Friends’ School’s Teacher Preparation Program. He spends his days training our teacher candidates, getting them ready to go out into the world of education and run classrooms of their own. In my eyes that makes him a pretty important guy, a big wig.

Ed is also follically challenged.  Ed has what you might call a generously wide center parting.  (I have his permission to use his likeness to make my point…!)  He is a man in need of a big wig.

Thankfully, I have just the thing.  Throughout my dozen years or so of directing kids’ theater in Denver, I have amassed quite a collection of wigs.  Over the years, my costume designer and I have used metallic green wigs on Oompa Loompas, flowing blonde wigs on femmes fatales, black wigs on rock stars, and purple wigs with curlers on little old ladies.  I keep them all in a friend’s basement and this weekend I will be heading over there to load up my car with boxes of wigs.

For next weekend is our annual Friends' School auction (Saturday April 21st at 6:00 p.m.) The theme of which, as you know, is the BigWig Shindig.  You are invited to come as a big wig (like Ed), or in a big wig (like Ed).  It’s exciting to hear the chatter among parents in the hallways about what kind of wig they’re coming in.  You’d be surprised at what I’ve heard.  I’ve even heard a parent say that he has the best wig ever, but the style is too top secret to share. I’m intrigued.

Somehow, news of my wig collection has leaked.  Staff members have been pestering me for weeks about giving them first dibs at the boxes. I’ve already awarded that honor to my partner Stephanie, who’s excited to disguise her beautiful dark Italian locks in a long blonde wig.  I’m not sure yet what I’m going to choose.  I’m uncertain how I’m going to handle the gathered masses of teachers and staff when I begin unloading the boxes.  Something tells me that Ed might have to get priority.

The auction is a fun-filled way to help support our school.  My attendance last year was one of my first introductions to the Friends’ School community.  Steph and I had a blast.  The food and wine were delicious.  The company was even better. And we enjoyed purchasing some wonderful items and experiences, knowing we were also supporting a great cause.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.  Please consider bringing friends. If you have yet to purchase your tickets, you can do so at the auction tables in both our preschool and elementary school buildings.  It will be worth the price just to check out Ed’s (and my) new look.

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