September 20, 2012

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words: Friends’ School Videos Now Available!

How many of us get our kicks poring over a detailed spreadsheet, its columns and rows plastered with indecipherable numbers?  How many of us have set our screensaver to a beautiful photograph, a tranquil pastoral scene?

At Friends’ School, our teachers know that the brain finds it easier to process information presented as an image rather than as words or numbers.

The right hemisphere of the brain recognizes shapes and colors, while the left side of the brain processes information in an analytical and sequential way and is more active when people read text or look at a spreadsheet. Looking through a numerical spreadsheet takes a lot of mental effort, while information presented visually can be grasped within seconds and is more pleasing to the eye. 

While we understand that there are many different kinds of learners, we know that most of our Friends’ School community are more visual learners.

As our way of honoring our left brains, we are thrilled and very proud to release three new Friends’ School videos on our website.  Each one features a different division of our school.  We would be honored if you took the time to watch them.  Each one is just a few minutes long.  

Elementary School video

If you like what you see, please pass on the news.  You can share all three by sharing this Among Friends’ column on Facebook or Twitter, or you can share a single video by emailing the URL or sharing the YouTube page where each is hosted on your favorite social media sites – all with the click of a button.

Enjoy seeing our school in a new light.  Check out your friends and classmates, our teachers and parents, starring in what might be the next viral YouTube sensation!

Preschool video

The preschool video was created by our very own preschool teachers, Christie Stanford and Jessie Vanden Hogen and edited by new preschool teacher, Caroline Long.  The music in the video is composed and performed by Friends' alumna Tayler Bledsoe, who graduated in 2003. The elementary school video was conceived, created and edited by former Friends’ parent, Lisa Albright.  The video for the Teacher Preparation Program was created by co-directors, Ed Walent and Shelby Pawlina and filmed and edited by Caroline Long.

Teacher Preparation Program video

We are extremely grateful to everyone who was involved in the creation of these films.  Thanks for watching.

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