October 11, 2012

Harry Potter – in pictures

On Tuesday of this week our school was treated to two dazzling productions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, performed by the fifth grade.  All 21 students did an amazing job of portraying their character, sometimes several characters with multiple costume changes.  Even our youngest Kindergartners sat enthralled for an hour watching the show.  Parents and staff alike raved at the kids' great  performances.

This school year, we are making a conscious choice to give our graduating class even more important and meaningful educational experiences.  This impressive theater production is one.  In April, they will embark on a five-day, four-night educational trip to the Mesa Verde area, at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.

For this week's Among Friends' column, I am writing less - so that the photographs of the Harry Potter play may speak for themselves. All of these pictures were taken by Meg Hansen. You can see even more photos of the show on our school’s Facebook page.  Enjoy.

The entire Harry Potter cast - the panoramic shot
The Dursleys disapprove of Harry
Hagrid delivers baby Harry to
Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore

Magical mail from Hogwarts

Diagon Alley

A matching pair of narrators
The Sorting Hat's thinking

Hermione buys an owl

Harry finds his way to the Hogwarts Express
Neville, Ron, Hermione & Harry figure out who's
guarding the Sorcerer's Stone

Neville's worried about Harry's fate
Lord Voldemort: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

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