January 17, 2013

Nice to meet ewe, Moses

Each week in Friends’ Kindergarten class, students are invited to bring in an object from home to share.  For these five and six year olds, it’s important to make and honor the connections between home and school.  Teachers and fellow students alike enjoy learning about the objects and experiences that make up the rich tapestry that is each child’s life.

Our Kindergartners often bring in favorite books, special stuffed animals, photographs or prized toys to share with their classmates. However recently, two girls brought in somewhat more animated objects to class.

On Wednesday of this week, Georgia, who’s family owns and runs Cure Organic Farm just a couple of miles east of our school, brought in the black sheep of the family. Georgia brought Moses, pictured here, to school. Moses, despite her name, is a female Rambouillet lamb.  She was born on Christmas morning and found among the rushes (straw).

It was a great experience for our Kindergartners to meet the ewe and to learn about approaching and petting a farm animal.  Our students remarked on the uniqueness of Moses’ markings, all black with a white top of her head and a white tip to her tail.

Word spread quickly of the lamb’s visit to Friends’. Christie and Caroline’s morning preschool class also came over to the elementary school for a visit with Moses.  Of course, all of our preschool and younger elementary classes are invited to go on field trips to Cure Farm annually and we are grateful to Paul and Ann for their support of our students.

A couple of weeks earlier another Kindergarten girl brought her new baby brother into class to share. A number of our Kindergartners have younger siblings so several of them are experts on babies.  The big sister was extremely proud of the new baby in her family and was clearly delighted as she introduced him to her friends.

At Friends’, we love meeting all of the people, objects, and yes, even sheep, that are important in the lives of our students. I am told that, a few years ago, one of our students brought in a particularly fascinating object to share – his sister’s tonsils in a jar!  Some things, like Moses and new babies, are less forgettable than others.

What was a memorable 'share' that you brought in as a kid?

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