February 13, 2013

Did Miss Rumphius Really Do That?

Miss Rumphius, from the book of the
same name by Barbara Cooney
We’re all busy people and like all busy people, our e-mail inboxes fill every day with requests to which we need to pay immediate attention or with notices we don’t want. However, every once in a while, we receive something unexpected, a little gift that makes us sit back and smile.

This little gem of a story recently found its way into my inbox.  It came from one of our Friends’ School parents and was forwarded onto me by Beth Huennekens, our Kindergarten teacher. The parent shared a conversation she had with her child one day after school.  A simple and delightful tale, it shows the hilarious confusion that can happen when talking with five year olds. 
Please enjoy, and today take time to smell the flowers….
Kindergartner: Today in class we read a book called Miss Rumphius and she was a lady who loved lupus. She was the lupus lady.
Mom: Lupus? She loved lupus?
Kindergartner: Yes, and she wanted everyone in the world to love lupus too!
Mom: You read a book about lupus in class?
Kindergartner: Yes, Lu read it to us and the lupus lady spread lupus everywhere, all around the world.
Mom: That doesn’t sound very good…
Kindergartner: …it was good!!
Mom: How is spreading lupus good? And why were you reading a book about lupus anyway? You're learning about lupus in Kindergarten?
Kindergartner: It was a nice book. What's wrong with reading about lupus in Kindergarten?
Mom: So this lady spread lupus around the world? How did she spread it?
Kindergartner: By scattering seeds
Mom: Seeds?
Kindergartner: Yes, and they grew into beautiful flowers! Blue and purple!
Mom: Oh, you mean lupines!
Kindergartner: No! Lupus, it was lupus! She was the lupus lady!

Happy Friday to you all.   May you find lupines everywhere!

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Erika norman said...

I have heard this and shared it with my family and still I chuckled and smiled reading it again. Thanks for making Friday morning happy!