October 3, 2013

So Much More Than Movin’ & Boppin’ & Fundraisin’

2nd grader Stephanie movin' - or is she boppin'?
Each year around this time, Friends’ elementary students and teachers enjoy the tradition of Movin’ & Boppin’.  Initially started as a small fundraiser to augment our library, Movin’ & Boppin’ is a fun-filled, action-packed move-a-thon that has evolved into a 60-minute non-stop dance and games fest.

If you were at school on Wednesday afternoon, you would have seen six teams of kids wearing brightly colored T-shirts dancing, running, skipping, throwing, smiling and helping each other around various obstacle courses and open spaces. Our former music teacher, Priscilla Adams, came back to join in the fun!

As our library budget has grown – our school library now contains over 10,000 volumes and a modern sleek computer lab – we have come to rely on the money generated by Movin’ & Boppin’ to make sure our library is well-stocked and up-to-date.  However, with all the recent flooding in Boulder, and so many of our families affected, we were thrilled to donate half of all the proceeds to Boulder County Flood Relief.  The fundraiser part of the event is still very important.
TPP Co-Director Shelby Pawlina

But an eye-witness noted something of even greater importance.

Shelby Pawlina is the Co-Director of our Teacher Preparation Program (TPP).  For sixteen years she was a teacher in our preschool, and the Preschool Director for fourteen of those years.  Now in her third year leading the TPP, Shelby doesn’t get to spend as much time around the kids at Friends’ as she once did.

She did however stop by Movin’ & Boppin’.  Shortly afterwards, all of our staff received this email from Shelby:

“Hi Everyone,

Not sure what exactly just brought me to tears while you were moving and bopping, but I'm sure it had something to do with these things...

- A whole community active together for a common purpose
- Everyone in their team t-shirt, including teachers
- Grinning grown-ups dancing along with students (Trevor's Gangnam Style dance)
- Older students working together and helping out younger children
- Priscilla back in her old classroom for a special day
- The perfect temperature and changing leaves illustrative of this glorious season
- Pink cheeks and sweaty faces of children working hard and laughing
- Smooth transitions from one activity to another
- The palpable joy of everyone having the opportunity to move and bop and expand what it means to go to school.

Lots of images to keep me happy and warm in the colder months to come. 

Thanks for all the work you did to make today a success!

The Red Team - lead by Tyler Voorhees and Eileen Clancy

Thank you to P.E. teacher, Kathy Sherwood,  for organizing such a great event.  Thank you to our teachers and Teacher Candidates who moved and bopped as much as the kids.  Thank you to our specialist teachers and to some of our administrative staff who manned stations and made sure everyone had a good time. Thank you to Priscilla for coming back to Friends’, bringing her winning smile with her.  Thank you to all the parents, relatives, friends, and neighbors who sponsored the 60 minutes of movement.  And thank you to all our elementary students who gave it their all and had a great time doing it. When we have a final total of how much money the children raised, we will let you know.

Lots of images indeed to keep us happy and warm in the colder months to come. 

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