December 19, 2013

Do You See What I See?

Math teacher Erika Norman took this picture of the moon over
Boulder during her commute from Longmont.
Did you see the full moon this week?  Each morning, the moon shone spectacularly in the west, before settling down for its daytime nap. At sunrise, on my drive over the hill into Boulder, the moon appeared nestled right above the mountains.  At one point, on Tuesday morning, as I began my commute heading west in Denver, it seemed that the glowing moon was perched right atop of Mt. Evans, like a star on top of my Christmas tree.

It was a beautiful, sensational sight and, for me, I am reminded daily why I live in such a beautiful place.  I can honestly say that I’ve never seen the light be exactly the same on any two mornings as I approach Boulder. I feel at peace when I see the changing radiance each morning, as I head towards this special community we call Friends’.

Our Winter Celebrations are centered around peace, light, and community. We come together and each class shares songs they have learned. We sing together. We light candles and celebrate the light in the winter darkness. Each child is acknowledged in class for his or her particular gifts to the world and given a necklace with a bead to symbolize his or her uniqueness.

No matter our religious beliefs or our traditions, it is a joy to listen to our teachers speak words of kindness and recognition to their students. It is a delight to feel our community come together as parents, students, and teachers join together in music and honor.

Yesterday, I had the very great pleasure of attending five winter celebrations – one each in our four preschool classrooms, and our big elementary winter celebration in the auditorium of Platt Middle School.  Each one was very different, reflecting the traditions of the past, and the individuality of the teachers involved. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put these celebrations together.

Each winter celebration is a wonderful way to end our semester, to come together before the cold winter break, and to enjoy one another in our community.  I’m glad you were there too.

Wishing your family a fabulous winter break. Enjoy these two weeks away from school.  I plan on snuggling up and playing games with my children and other family members.  I’m likely to do something silly or outrageous, and I know I’ll be participating in activities that help me give back to my community.  I hope you will be doing something restful and rewarding, whether it’s here or on your travels.  And let’s all go for a moonlit walk, and be thankful for the peace and light in our amazing community. 

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