January 23, 2014

Politicians Deliver on Campaign Promise!

James and Zach learning about different pizza options
A few months back I reported on our elementary Student Council elections. The winning team of 5th graders, President Zach and Vice President James made several campaign promises in order to secure votes.  One of the issues that clearly resonated with our student electorate focused on the pizza we serve at Friends’ on Fridays.  Understanding the mood of the voters, the boys campaigned during election time that they would help to change the pizza vendor.

Keeping true to their platform, once elected, our student leaders met with school chef, Dacia Horn, to talk about the possibilities.  Dacia listened to their concerns and, like all great teachers, worked with the boys to see what could be done to bring about positive change.

She took them to visit and tour our local Blackjack pizza store. The boys met with the manager and asked many questions about the ingredients, the packaging, and how much recycling the company did.  They inquired about the various options for gluten-free crust, pizza toppings, and so forth.  

Armed with all this new information, Zach and James did what smart politicians do: they brought it to the voting public.

They created a survey that asked their fellow students questions about the current Pizza Hut pizza we were serving as well as Blackjack pizza.

Dacia Horn with 5th graders Jack and Ian
With Dacia’s help, they organized a day for the students to taste the new pizza and gave the survey to each student who ordered pizza. Anyone who had not previously ordered had an opportunity to sample the pizza and submit a survey as well.  James and Zach even designed the survey so that our youngest readers and writers could give their opinions.

The results came in strongly that our students preferred Blackjack’s pizza.  Not only did kids think it tasted better, but we now have more options at no extra cost.

Dacia was very proud of how the boys worked together to make it happen. Fifth grade teacher, Liz Richards, commented on how empowered James and Zach felt to have been able to create positive change for their school. While unable to run for re-election (they’re off to middle school next year!), this could be the start of two new careers in politics.

I am very grateful to Zach and James – and also to Dacia for giving the boys the tools and the opportunity to make a difference.  There are so many ways that Dacia makes a difference for our school community. Good, healthy food is such an important way that our community comes together.  Yet, more than that, this story is one of many examples of the many things that Dacia does behind the scenes to keep our school such a positive place to learn and work.

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shelpaw said...

It's so true! Dacia works tirelessly behind the scenes, and often prefers to remain out of the limelight, but we could not function without her! Good work on the pizza research everyone!