January 9, 2014

Private School with a Public Purpose

Happy New Year to you all! Welcome back to school.

Shelby Pawlina and Ed Walent, the  Co-Directors of our Teacher Preparation Program, received a call out of the blue the other day.  It was the Daily Camera calling. Specifically, the education beat reporter, Amy Bounds.  Amy visits and writes about many schools in Boulder Valley.  In the course of her travels, she had heard again and again about the Friends’ School Teacher Preparation Program.

Teacher Candidates in our TPP learning by doing
Although we are fortunate to have six of the Teacher Candidates from the Teacher Preparation Program in our classrooms at Friends’, the majority of the graduate students in the program are at in other schools.  There are 33 of them and they are working and learning in classrooms across the Boulder area, most of them in public schools, some others in private schools. Amy was curious about our program. In particular she was interested in this unusual relationship that exists between us, as an independent school, and Boulder Valley School District.

So she called up Ed and Shelby to interview them.  The resulting article appeared in the Daily Camera earlier this week.  You can read it here.

I like what Shelby Pawlina said in the article: "One of the strongest components of our program is connecting content to a practicum.”  We teach teachers in the same way we teach children.  We give them hands-on, real-world experiences that help them make sense of what they’re learning.

Our Teacher Preparation Program, this summer, will have graduated more than 230 new teachers, most of whom are currently working in local public school classrooms, affecting the lives of thousands of young people.

It is an amazing opportunity.  The deadline for applications for next year’s class of Teacher Candidates is fast approaching – February 3.  If you, or anyone you know, is interested in learning more about the program, you may visit the TPP page on our website here. 

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