May 15, 2014

A View from the Top

The Head of School for a day - checking out our rooftop solar panels
Each year at the auction, parents eagerly bid on outings and opportunities with the staff.  The most expensive experiences this year, like every year, are a ski day with our virtuoso of the slopes, Ann Reid, and a day in the kitchen with our master chef, Dacia Horn.

Coming in a distant third is the opportunity for a student to join me as Head of School for a day.  This year, I am lucky enough to have two winning bids on my time.  This past week, 4th grader Quinn joined me for the day.  Next week, 1st grader Sloane will accompany on my duties.

There appears to be some sort of slight misunderstanding among some at Friends’ that hanging with the boss for a day might involve some glamorous concoction of power and glory. How I wish it were so!

There is a chunk of each of my days that I spend in meetings with parents, staff or others.  Another part of my time is spent on writing and responding to emails.  Writing this blog is a weekly activity.  None of it is exactly fun stuff for an elementary school student to view over my shoulder!

So when Quinn joined me on Monday, it was a nice change of pace to vary my day.  After greeting everyone in the parking lot, we set to knocking heavy snow off the branches around campus in an
effort to prevent breakages.

After Ann Reid managed to persuade Quinn that the Head for a Day should give her a raise, he and I met with some prospective parents who were visiting the school.  The parents asked me specific questions about how teachers at Friends’ School challenge students who are performing above grade level. After listening to my answers, Quinn was able to share his perspective of how his teachers keep him challenged at school.

We spent considerable time in classrooms.  Quinn decided to survey all the elementary students about their favorite school subject.  Kathy Sherwood will be pleased to know that P.E. was the clear winner.  Quinn and I also spent time in our preschool classrooms, where he helped the teachers out by distributing dry ice at the sensory table in Jessie and Katelynn’s class.

Quinn had even baked muffins, which he shared with the elementary students and staff. This, of course, cast me in a poor light: what a kind and thoughtful Head of School he was!

Later, we climbed up on the school roof to inspect the solar panels.  Quinn was curious as to how many we have up there (answer: 144), although they were mostly covered in snow on Monday and unfortunately were not generating much power.

After heading out to a nearby restaurant for lunch with a couple of his friends, Quinn and I returned to school for our regular Monday math class.  He ended his day without seeming to have abused his power (as his mother had warned him earlier – except for that part about Ann’s raise!).

Next week, I’m looking forward to having Sloane join me.  We are going to attend the Silver and Gold ceremonies in the preschool, check out the 5th grade science fair, and perhaps restore order to Ann’s paycheck! I’ll let you know how that goes.

(For more pictures of Head of School for a day, take a peak at our Facebook page.)

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