April 9, 2015

Strutting Their Stuff

This time last week, many of you joined me in the Great Room for the 18th Annual Elementary Talent Show.

This is one of my favorite days of the whole school calendar. What I love about it is there are no auditions or ‘minimum standards’. The Talent Show is a throng of willing participants, a shrine to the attitude of “I can.”  In fact, for some the attitude is more than “I can;” it’s “I don’t really know if I can, but I really want to, I’m as sure as heck going to give it a shot and I don’t care what anyone thinks.” 

I call this opportunity. 

A chance for anyone to strut their stuff, to wave their banner and claim their place among the artists.  Kids of all ages sing, dance, tell jokes, play intruments, do magic tricks, and more.  I continue to be amazed each year as brave souls steal the spotlight for a minute or two and show us what they are made of: young Kindergartners or first graders appearing on stage for the very first time; seasoned fifth graders performing in a band at the time of life when they are “supposed” to be conforming to  
their peers.

No matter the act, the Talent Show gives our students a place to unfurl their wings and feel success in public.  Our gracious audience meets each performer with support, appreciation and tenderness. Thank you for your part in that. Thank you to Kathy Sherwood and Monica Benko, and many others, for all their hard work putting on the show!

Please enjoy these photographs, taken by Meg Hansen, of some of last week’s performers.  For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page.

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