May 21, 2015

Time to Celebrate!

3rd grade teacher Tyler & 1st grade TC Sara at Field Day
Rituals and celebrations play a big role at Friends’ and are rooted in the beginnings of the school. Celebrations throughout the year build and strengthen a sense of community in the students, the staff, and the parents as well as acknowledging and honoring the passage of time and the cyclical nature of life.
This is no more important than at this time of year as students leave one grade and move up to the next – sometimes to a new school, or to a new classroom or teacher.  Big changes on each individual journey.
Preschool Silver and Gold yesterday
This time of year is naturally the peak time for many of our much-loved traditions: beading ceremonies; our 5th grade Passageworks hike; elementary Field Day; Spring Fling; Area of Expertise (AOE) presentations; and of course Silver and Gold.
Friends’ Silver and Gold ceremonies are markers of an important transition in every preschooler’s time at Friends – as well as for our graduating fifth graders and other elementary students next week.  It is a time to walk over the bridge, or ring the bell, from the year past into the adventures ahead, and for our teachers to acknowledge some of the unique characteristics of each of their students. The Silver and Gold ceremony has been part of Friends’ School tradition since our school’s founding in 1987.

Despite the seemingly endless gray skies and raindrops, and some of our traditions moving inside, our spirits are not dampened.

Preschool Silver and Gold
Field Day was indoors and resulted in exciting fishing contests in the first grade classroom and prairie dog races down the central hallway.  Preschool Silver and Gold was inside, so the teachers built bridges out of blocks. Next week, we will raise the big white tent for the elementary graduation ceremony and hope it doesn't sink in the mud!

Indoor Field Day
Our teachers, staff and students are very aware of the time commitment that our parents give to the school at this time of year. We are very grateful for all that our parents do to support, organize, and attend our many rituals and traditions. Thank you all.

Thank you for helping us to celebrate each individual.  Thank you for recognizing the significance of upcoming changes and transitions. Thank you for being here for the times when every child is honored by our amazing teachers who know them so well. Thank you for being present, and perhaps capturing on film, all the precious moments in your child’s growth.

It’s time to celebrate!

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