October 8, 2015

Many Ways To Give Back

Team work!
Thank you to all of our elementary school students who “moved and bopped” for a solid hour on Wednesday afternoon this week to raise funds for our library collection and technology program.  Thank you to all our parents and family members who supported their efforts, and to Kathy Sherwood and many of our teachers and staff who organized activities and cheered the children on.

While the event supported the school, it was a joy to watch our multi-age teams working together and to see our students challenge themselves with a fitness goal. The obstacle course, which was my station, was a ton of fun for most, but appeared a little daunting for one of our new Kindergarten students.  A five year old hesitant to try, she had her hand held by a fifth grade girl, and together the two made it around the course several times.  Our students often learn best from each other, and I was happy to witness a fifth grader taking such a caring leadership role.

As you know, this year our school theme is The Impact of Giving Back.  Each of our classrooms has been brainstorming ways that they can give back to the
community, whether on a very local or a more global scale.

In the preschool, our classes will be out raking leaves and shoveling snow to help out around the school. Our elementary classroom teachers have shared many wonderful ideas.  Teachers have sought input from students as well as parents – our intention is that we will be doing community-wide initiatives. These include developing awareness of how students may already be giving back by keeping kindness journals; organizing food, clothing and Lego drives to donate to Children’s Hospital, Bridge House and other notable organizations; supporting community food share programs; reaching out to nursing homes and schools in high-needs areas; supporting charitable organizations in Haiti and Tanzania.  Our classrooms are finding no shortage of ways they can help and support others.
For more information on The Impact of Giving Back and the huge benefits to students of all ages, click here on an earlier blog on the topic.

Incidentally, our “Movin’ & Boppin’” event also marked a grand moment when we revealed our brand new school mascot, the Friends’ School Fox.  We decided last year to retire the prairie dog and, through a democratic process, our elementary students have picked the fox.  We will be asking the students to come up with a name for our Friends’ fox in the coming weeks through their student council representatives. Please say hello to our Friends’ School Fox who brings a fresh face and excitement to our school spirit events.

Thank you to parent Alex Teller for the great photos this week!

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