March 10, 2016

Accomplishments Abound!

Girls Rising Ambassador Tori
A number of our students have enjoyed remarkable success in the last few weeks – and a police officer came calling.

Here’s the wrap:

Fifth grader Tori S. has been selected to be an ambassador for the Girl Rising Campaign, an organization that promotes awareness for over 60 million girls worldwide who do not have access to education.  The organization reviewed hundreds of applications, and wrote to Tori: “we believe your passion, outreach skills, and interest in girls' education makes you a great candidate. As an ambassador you will represent and build the Girl Rising campaign in your community by pushing others to think and act regarding girls' education and the barriers that girls face everywhere.”  Tori was inspired to apply after seeing the movies Girl Rising and Malala.

Ambassadors have to increase awareness of girls’ education and/or donate to the cause. Tori decided to take things a step further. She has pursued co-founding a business aptly named "Girl Collaborative" that will fund her efforts. The business will feature all natural fruit-based make-up products and cosmetic bags.  Tori and her mom Cinder are in the pre-production and package design stage and are excited to bring these products to the marketplace.  A percentage of the profits will directly fund the Girl Rising Campaign and other non-profits that fund girls’ education in the U.S. Tori doesn’t just want to fund tuition or buy school supplies, as important as they are.  She wants to build schools! Tori firmly believes in the power of educating girls.  She knows that she might end up funding the education of a girl who will find the cure for cancer.

Fourth grader Cameron K. won the Barnes and Noble Boulder Regional Spelling Bee at Boulder High School, for the second year in a row! Cameron and fifty other students from local private and public schools competed to be Boulder’s representative for the Scripps National Spelling
Spelling Champion Cameron
Bee, which will take place in Washington, DC in May. Cameron won after ten rounds – his championship words were “triceratops” and “mordantly.” We are very proud that Cameron will be making his second trip to Washington as a Friends’ School student. The Daily Camera’s story on Cameron can be found here.

The Rocky Mountain Pi-rates have been featured a few times over the years in this blog.  A new incarnation of the team (fifth graders Quinn K., Allison H., Charlotte C. and Friends' alumni Jack Kiefer, Cameron Hoeffler and James Commonswon the VEX IQ Robotics Colorado State Championships.

Colorado State Champion Pi-Rates
Competing as a Middle School Team, they took home “Programming Skills Champion," “Teamwork Champion” and the “STEM Research Award," making them double-qualified to advance to the VEX IQ World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky in April.

The team is already a three-time VEX IQ World Champions, having won the "World Champion - Elementary Excellence Award" in 2013 and the "World Champion - Programming Champion Award" in 2014 and the "Think Award" in 2015. Congratulations to their coaches, Friends’ parents Jason Kiefer, Carol Hoeffler, and Tim Commons.

Officer Jeremy McGee
Finally, our elementary school welcomed a special visitor last week, our local School Resource Officer, Jeremy McGee from the Boulder PD.  Officer McGee discussed various topics, including bicycle safety and talking to strangers.  He patiently answered dozens of questions, which focused for the most part on his uniform and equipment and whether he had chased ‘bad guys’. He will be stopping by campus regularly from now on, to wander through the hall and classroom, and say hello, in another step we are taking towards making sure our school is as safe as it can be. We did learn that Officer McGee had an ocelot growing up, and he was extremely impressed by our very own Thank You Song. More photos of this event can be found on our Facebook page.

Enjoy your weekend. 

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