March 16, 2016


This Sunday will be the vernal equinox, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. As the sunlight becomes more prevalent, people, plants, and animals are beginning to emerge from their winter modes to step outside, bloom, and otherwise welcome the sunshine.

It’s the last morning of school before spring break.  For our preschool families, spring break has already started. 

Even though the weather forecast in Boulder calls for snow today, we can feel confident that the cold is only temporary.  The days are already longer. We’ve felt the warmth of the March sun on our faces this week, and we know that the days will get warmer from here on out.

Our third grade class at Cal-Wood last week
I love this time of year.  For students and teachers and I’m sure parents alike, we’re ready for a few days away from school, a time to recharge.  For some, a time to travel or to get in a few last runs on the slopes.  For others, a time to walk in the neighborhood and notice the crocuses already blooming and the tulips on their way.

This week we announced the end of an era, with Diane Bramble’s decision not to return to the classroom full-time next year. She will be moving into a part-time role after 27 years of giving her all to the children of Friends’ School. If you missed the announcement and Diane's letter, you may read them here.

Change. Different energy. Springtime. Part of who we are.

I wish all of our families, and all readers of this column, a delightful spring break. May you return to school refreshed, recharged, and ready for spring. 

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