April 21, 2016

The Importance of Community

Preschool Parent Day Celebration 
Whew!  What a week around Friends’ School! It seemed like every time we turned around, something really important was happening.

Mandy Stepanovsky’s baby Wilder arrived on Sunday, a couple of weeks earlier than expected.  Mom and baby are both doing well.  I can’t help myself but keep showing photos proudly around campus to anyone who asks! (Just ask!)

Baby Wilder
Our director of the Teacher Preparation Program, Ed Walent, is at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix where he has just undergone open heart surgery.  All the news is positive and everything is going great.  As an entire community, we send Ed and his family all our love and good wishes.

Jene Foland, our teacher candidate in 2nd grade, is getting married next week. We are so excited for Jene and her fiancé Abe and wish them all the very best in their new life together.

Eric Rhoda, the teacher candidate in 5th grade, dealt with a scare this week as his wife Julie underwent surgery on Monday.  The great news is that all is well and Julie is recovering exceptionally.

Throughout all of these twists of fate, we have had people in our community creating cards and sending well wishes, lining up to bring meals, or offering to help in other ways. This is a community

that rallies around our own.

It was therefore fitting this week that 1st grade teacher Laurie Nakauchi and P.E. teacher and Friends’ parent Lindsey Hilliard gave a presentation this week on our yearlong theme, The Impact of Giving Back.  They discussed the many ways that our classrooms and community have been involved in helping others all year long, and parents were presented with a list of great ideas for how families can continue to give back all summer long.

Our elementary classes spent an hour yesterday cleaning the Wellman Ditch that runs along the north side of our campus. Our preschool classes invited parents in this week for a Parent Day Celebration and each child presented their

parents with a beautiful card and flower pot, filled with the delights of spring.

To help celebrate our community, you are all invited to our All Family Potluck one evening after school – on Wednesday May 4th.  More details in the Happenings.

I hope you enjoy these photos of some of the great things happening around school this week.

And through it all, we still manage to have fun while learning.  This is a picture of a certain head of school, dressed as King George III, taxing 4th and 5th grade colonists and loyalists alike.  Ooh, were they mad at royalty!

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