May 5, 2016

In the News

At our new campus celebration:
Admissions Director Melanie Leggett, Director of Finance
Jen Cope, and board member Carol Hampf
This week the calendar turned to May.  All parents and teachers know that the really busy season is upon us. This week at Friends’ has been no exception.

Many students are wrapping up and presenting their AOE projects (Area of Expertise). So much learning happening in the building.  The fifth grade students soundly beat the teachers and staff in our annual soccer game (the score was 4-3) which was a lot of fun for participants and spectators alike.  The preschoolers are loving the water play that is happening outside now that the weather has warmed up.  They also enjoyed a magical pajama day in the dark!

Our parent council organized a lovely family potluck dinner on Wednesday evening, which was a wonderful event for preschool and elementary parents and kids to mingle and meet staff informally. The fifth graders and their parents host a spectacular spring fling carnival this afternoon on the elementary playground.

Channel 7 sent a news crew out to Friends' to interview fourth grade Cameron K., who is soon to travel to Washington D.C. to participate in the National Spelling Bee. Librarian deana harragarra waters also got on camera.  We will let you know when that story airs.

Lance & Maegan McCardle with Friends'
board chair Elizabeth Henna
Our fourth grade class is deep in rehearsal for their upcoming performances of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors here at Friends’ and also on the campus of the University of Colorado. Our fifth grade class is gearing up to leave on Monday for a week-long trip to the four corners area, Mesa Verde National Park, and Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.

Our teacher candidates are putting the final touches on their last papers of the semester and are ready to graduate and claim their Colorado alternative teaching license.

Showing campus plans to Howard Rubin

Through it all, we celebrated the purchase of our second campus on Kalmia Avenue, a story that hit the press:  both the Daily Camera and Biz West. You can click through to those stories here.

Thank you to those who came and celebrated with us on Wednesday morning. Parents and lots of questions about the progress of our middle school program and all the architectural drawings we had on display.  We take possession on June 1, and we are ready to roll.

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