September 22, 2016

Bob the Builder’s Letterman Top Ten

Who's this guy?
(the boss photoshopped by Meg Hansen)
Thank you to everyone who came out to our Rosalind Wiseman: Creating Cultures of Dignity event on Tuesday.  It was fabulous to see so many of our Friends’ School parents, teachers and staff there, along with many people from the greater Boulder community. Wiseman had excellent information and compelling stories for us all.

The community events keep coming in this year of connection for our school.

On Tuesday of this coming week, we have another All School Family Breakfast Potluck in the elementary building on the South Campus.  All are invited at 8:00 a.m. to bring a breakfast item to share and to meet and spend casual time with old friends and new.

And if you wonder why some of my colleagues and I will be at the breakfast dressed like Bob the Builder, it’s because of the construction theme of our next event.

On Friday September 30th, everyone is invited to our North Campus Kickoff Party at 7:00 p.m.  If you are wondering what that is all about, please read on…..

Bob the Builder’s Top 10 Reasons Why We Should All Come to the North Campus Kickoff Party 

10. Because Friends’ North Campus is your campus, too! Even though we have four buildings over two campuses, we are one school.  We will have many events at our North Campus over the years, so plug it into your GPS now!

9. Because we have heard all your questions about how the renovation is going.  Answer: it’s really cool! We are creating amazing new spaces for our middle schoolers and Teacher Preparation Program. But don’t take my word for it: we’ll give you a tour! We’ll take you into the main building, under construction, and show you the transformation.

8. Because Rosalind Wiseman told 200 people in Boulder this week: Friends’ is creating middle school the right way, giving kids the language and tools to navigate the joys and challenges of these adolescent years.

6th grade teacher Kevin Nugent
7. Because it’s going to be a really fun adults-only Friday night out with other Friends’ parents and teachers.  Need a babysitter? Lou Bendrick keeps a list of babysitter services. Email her here!

6. Because many of our staff will be wearing silly hats. Hint: “Scoop, Muck and Dizzy, and Roley, too…” And who doesn’t want to see Ann Reid shaking off her inner introvert and branching out?

5. Because there will be entertainment! Friends’ class of 2003 alumna Tayler Bledsoe worked with our 6th grade class to produce a video for this event and she will be performing her music too.

4. Because you get to wear your comfiest Saturday jeans and flannel shirt. This is a super casual event.  And you might get dusty during the tour.

3. Because there will be free beer and wine and because there will be yummy snacks to go with the beer and wine. Hint: Dacia thinks big, warm soft pretzels go especially well with beer… Did we mention, it’s free?

2. Because …. school pride! Although this is not a solicitation event (leave your checkbook at home), you will learn about our donors’ generous donations so far that have made the renovations and the start of the middle school program possible. Learn about our upcoming “Growing Community, Building Dreams” campaign.

1.  Because no matter what age your kids are, it’s not too soon be thinking about middle school. Our new middle school is filling a niche in the Boulder market for families who are looking for a small, connected school environment, with a continued strong emphasis on social and emotional learning, and a focus on integrating all the school subjects together in project-based learning. And you get to meet Kevin and Shelby, and the coolest middle school faculty in town.

To almost quote Bob the Builder, “Can we party?  Yes we can!”

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