February 23, 2017

Don’t Look Now! They’re Everywhere!

You might see them in the great room, in the halls, in the classrooms… sometimes they’re invisible but their presence is tangible.

Volunteers. They’re everywhere!

At Friends’ School we are truly lucky to have an amazingly accomplished and community-minded group of parents who keep our community strong. We could not do all that we do at Friends’ without our wonderful and enthusiastic parent (and sometimes grandparent, aunt, uncle, and caregiver) volunteers.

On any given week you’ll find volunteers hard at work on art projects for the auction, shelving books and helping guide computer instruction in the library, driving on a field trip, helping in the classrooms with reading groups and math lessons and spelling tests, working towards the future of the school on our committees and board. 

What’s always astonishing and inspiring is that despite the fact that parents are understandably busy and tired, they roll up their sleeves on a Saturday morning for Parent Work Day, tote bagels and coffee to Parent Council breakfasts, collect money for Teacher Thanksgiving, champion the Annual Fund as class captains, take precious time to help students in their Area of Expertise (AOE) projects or set up chairs at a parent education event.

The list of ways they support the school is endless. 

Some tasks, like helping in classrooms, are very visible. Others happen a little more behind the scenes. Working parents, and others whose schedules don’t mesh with ours, can be busy at home preparing materials for classrooms, writing thank you notes for the Annual Fund, or working on tasks on behalf of the school Auction.

Friends’, like all independent schools, has a Board of Trustees that works in collaboration with me to guide the direction our school is taking.  Devoted volunteers on our board and its committees —current and past parents— meet monthly during the school year, and also put in countless, selfless hours to keep the school running and ensure its bright future. Their energy and ability to give is humbling.

I’d like to give a shout out to a few volunteers who have been especially tireless: Jenny McGuire, Mindy Mullins, Jenny Donovan, Karen Donohue, Maureen Espinoza, Diane Hullet, Shel Gerding, Catherine Meng, Erin Picone, Aarin Holmes, Joe Baran and Mignon Macias, Chris Wirth, Christine Case, Elizabeth Henna, Laura Farrelly, Herb Blecher, Kasey Lohman, Deb and Howard Rubin, Mary Anne Zacek, Carol Hoeffler, Alex Teller, Cinder Trout, Tami Wakeman, Dana Myers, Rob Wright, Chelsea and Bill Flagg, Julie Pelaez, Adam Kimberly, Robyn Manley, Mike Fisher, Wendy Michael, Andy Boyd; and alumni parents: Carol Hampf, Jen Greene, and Anne Hunter.

Is this list complete? No, and I apologize that I’m not listing each and every valuable volunteer here. If I left you out of the list, I'm sorry, and please know how grateful we are for all that our parents do. Thank you to ALL our parents who are willing and able to support their child’s education through hands-on volunteerism.  Our community is stronger because of the willingness of everyone to make it so, and we are truly grateful.

Thank you, volunteers, for all that you do.

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