April 13, 2017

My First Ever Prom

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There’s a first time for everything and this year I’ll be going to my first ever prom for the Heart of Friends’ Auction on April 22nd.

Despite the fact that I’m wearing a tux in this photograph, I never went to prom. (The picture is actually from a formal event at the University of York during freshman year.) I grew up in the traditional world of English boarding schools, therefore was robbed of the experience of presenting my date with a too-big corsage then posing with her for an awkward photo under a balloon arch. I didn’t arrive by stretch limo or slow dance to Bryan Adams under a disco ball. Alas, poor schoolboy!

On the upside, having a mid-life prom means that I don’t have to panic about finding a date or worry about getting her home before curfew. My wife, Steph, already said yes and she’s a good sport. My bow tie doesn’t need to match her dress and she doesn’t event want a corsage (it doesn’t go with her fit bit). For the record, Steph has decided not to dress in the prom theme, and you don’t have to, either, but I’m sure she’ll wear something respectable! I will be breaking out a brand new bow tie! Besides, the theme isn’t really the point.  The point of our Heart of Friends’ Auction is to have a lot of fun together as a community, all while supporting a fantastic cause.

The auction portion of the evening supports our students and teachers for next school year and the “paddle raise” is critical for supporting families who would not be able to attend Friends’ School without some additional resources. Thirty percent of our families do not pay full fee. Without financial aid, our community would be less diverse and vital. It is what helps to make us a community.

On a related note, you might see this fine lady
when you come to our North Campus.  This was
the view from my office there on Wednesday!
And we certainly are a vital, fun community. During the last six years that I’ve been head of school, Friends’ auctions just keep getting more fun. I’ve attended in various years wearing a mullet, a silver suit and tie, a Blue Brothers look-alike outfit, and with totally tubular Duran Duran highlights in my hair.  It’s a blast!

 It’s one of the few times a year our busy parent and staff community can have an adult night out and bond over drinks, great food and dancing.  This year we’ve lowered our ticket price, changed our venue and added our very own homegrown  band. All reports coming out of rehearsals are that they not only have fun together, they are pretty darned talented! The silent auction is better than ever and, spoiler alert, the administrative staff has put together something that comes in a little red wagon that you won’t want to miss.

So, if you haven’t already bought your ticket, please do! Join me for my first prom. I might even get to be prom king yet — a ticket enters you into a drawing to win a prom court title. (As a Brit, the prospect of wearing a crown is deeply appealing).  I’d really like to come up with a big “promposal” for all of you: maybe Dacia could spell out P-R-O-M in tater tots or Lindsey could  do it with PE mats and cones.  Let me know your ideas.

Remember: I’m new to this.

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