April 27, 2017

Scenes from Prom!

Prom King Joe and Prom Queen Lisa
A huge thank you to everyone who came out to our 2017 Prom-themed auction on Saturday night. It was a spectacular evening, and a great reminder of what a fun and adventurous community Friends’ School is.  While some guests came in outfits from the modern day, a surprising number of people went all out to re-live their high school prom days!

As well as a enjoyable party and community event, the auction is also a very important fundraiser for our school, supporting our programs as well as financial aid which allows us to let families pay what they can afford for a Friends’ School education.

Rather than sharing an essay with you this week, please enjoy these images taken by our fantastic photographer Meg Hansen.  Below the pictures, there is a link to a wonderful slide show that Meg has compiled, which is well worth watching – seeing our Friends’ parents, teachers and staff at their finest!

Lastly, our whole community is indebted to the many fabulous people who worked so hard, and so creatively, to produce our auction and who turned our new middle school building into a dazzling party space.  We had too many volunteers to name everyone, but I must send huge appreciation to the following individuals:  Lou Bendrick, Kathy Hagen, Meg Hansen, Jana Bledsoe, Chelsea Flagg, Karen Donahue, Joe Baran, Rachel Relin, Emma Brown, and many more.

Hal and Lou

Kasey and Mark

Lauren and Jared

Katie and Caroline
The MC and the band!

Chelsea and Bill

Mo, Chad, Shelby and Tim

George and Megan

Jeremy, Lou, Mindy, Laura and Brad
To view the slideshow, please click here!

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