November 30, 2017

You’re Invited to the Friends School Birthday Party!

Not many of us are ecstatic about a birthday that moves us onward and upward into our next decade. Do you remember leaving behind your twenties and turning the “big three-oh”?

At Friends School, we are over the moon about our 30th birthday! We have so much to be proud of and celebrate: three decades of passionate, soulful teaching and hundreds of thriving graduates who make this world a better place.

If you haven’t seen this video about our humble beginnings, please take two minutes to see what 1987 at Friends School looked like. Back then we were Friends British Primary School. The original logo is on the flags in the photo at the top of this article.

As many of you may have heard, our auction is on hold this year so that we can focus our resources on making gifts to our Annual Fund a priority. My wife Steph and I have decided to triple our Annual Fund gift this year, bearing in mind what we would have given to the auction. 

During this break year our staff is exploring alternative fundraising events, such as benefit concerts and farm-to-table dinners. Please keep your eye out for an upcoming survey so that you can weigh in on the discussion. 

In the meantime, we know the importance of coming together as a community is critical to who we are. Here at Friends, we believe in the importance of celebrations. We know that honoring momentous events, holidays and traditions as a group confers a sense of belonging and deep human fulfillment.  Check out this May Day celebration photo from our early days. Does anyone see a familiar face in that group?

Parties of course, are also just plain fun. We are having a fun 30th Birthday Party at Rayback Collective on January 19th. If you didn’t see the Save-the-Date, I’m including it below. This family-friendly party will include a credit toward dinner and cake (gluten-free). Our in-coming Head of School, Honor Taft, will be there with her family. (I think this makes this event a double-header). 

A little background on Rayback Collective: it’s a community park in the heart of Boulder with local food trucks and craft beer. It began with a dream and a kickstarter campaign and is deeply rooted in community. We think its philosophy and laid-back authenticity make it the perfect venue to celebrate our 30 years of teaching to the head, hand and heart.

Please save the date and join us. Come as you are and bring nothing but your appetite and love of celebration.

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Drew Watts said...

Hey! We also celebrated 25 years of teaching last month in a very big party venue. We also added some cool activities for the kids. This party had to be grand, so we also invited the parents of the students. It was great fun, there was good food and soulful music.