February 15, 2018

Teacher’s Poem is “Most Creative”

Preschool teacher Christie Stanford
Simplicity Parenting is an online community and resource which supports parents to have a simpler, more connected family life. 

I’m pretty sure we all want that!

The organization also offers trainings around the country to support parents at different stages of the parenting journey.

Friends preschool teacher, Hetta Towler has qualified to become a trainer for Simplicity Parenting and her colleague, Katy Hollenbach is in the process of becoming qualified. Long-time preschool teacher, Christie Stanford recently applied to train to become a qualified coach for Simplicity Parenting’s Family Life course.

In combination with her application, Christie entered Simplicity Parenting’s essay writing contest – and her entry was selected as “most creative”.  It is a poem that Christie used to define what discipline and guidance mean to her.

Her entry also qualified her for a substantial discount off the training.  Christie will learn a proven system for supporting parents in doing the important work of bringing new rhythms to bear on the lifelong art of raising children.

Christie tells me that she is “super excited” about becoming a coach, in part because she will be taking a training associated with the Simplicity Parenting book that our entire preschool team  read this past summer.

Over the years, parents have shared with me again and again how our talented preschool teachers have helped them to become better parents.  A healthy number of our parents have attended a formal presentation given by our teachers on subjects such as growth mindset or executive function. Others have simply asked their teacher for pointers on a new thing to try at home with their child, or a way to change their language for better results. 

Our Director of Marketing and Communications Meg Hansen, whose office was above the preschool for years, tells me our preschool teachers helped her raise her two sons by learning from their daily lessons below.  It’s amazing what you can learn by listening downstairs! Meg’s sons Michael and Jack also attended our preschool.

Our preschool educators are an amazing resource for our parent community and, through the Simplicity Parenting training, they are only getting better.

Christie’s poem is reproduced below. Congratulations to her!

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